Site plan review and design

Plan of Conservation & Development

Neighborhood planning

Master planning

Facilitating public planning sessions

Housing development

Main street revitalization

Storefront façade renovations

Façade grant regulations

Sign code

Visual Preference Surveys

Zoning regulations

Architectural guidelines

Historic preservation

P&Z commission studies

Park improvements

Way-finding signs

Transit-oriented development

Traffic calming

Bike infrastructure planning

Public space and building design

Public outreach (manuals, web, signs)

Drawings to illustrate planning concepts


Neighborhood master plans

Strategies for transit-oriented and brownfield sites

Plans of Conservation & Development

Prepare zoning applications, site plans and prepare staff comments

Zoning Regulation Analysis & New Regulation text

Custom-designed graphic zoning codes and

Design Guidelines for historic districts, storefront façade grant regulations, signage

Illustrated planning concepts: diagrams, maps, analytical drawings, site plans, models

Street design, traffic calming, bike infrastructure, and Complete Streets

Public planning workshops and presentations

Able to work across a wide variety of disciplines, and explain technical, legal, and environmental issues the public

Strong organizational and communication abilities, report writing, presentations, analysis; public outreach


Prepare construction bids


Catherine Johnson is available for making a presentation to your civic group, development team, planning & zoning commission, property owners, the general public or school class. Please contact Catherine at (860) 343-1611 or to discuss a speaking engagement. Here are a few topics that may interest you:

What is Traditional Neighborhood Design? 

What is Smart Growth?

How can  we Transform Typical Arterial into a Walkable Neighborhood?

What are the Basics of Form-Based Codes?

Making a Successful Main Street - The Rules of Retail

Basic Design Guidelines to Creating Safe, Welcoming Streets

Storefront Facade Renovations 

Flexible Buildings & Small Scale Development

Renovating Buildings on Small Budgets

School Presentations:

What is Smart Growth?  (High School)

What Makes A Neighborhood? (5th-8th grade)

How to Read Maps   (2nd Grade)

What are Buildings Made Of? (Kindergarten)